Celebrating with Sunshine // Pictures in Liverpool 08.04.2017

This is something a bit different I suppose. I just wanted to share a few pictures that I took on my new camera. I haven’t taken it out too much since I got it but Saturday provided me with a good opportunity. I’m really fond of Liverpool. I lived in Ormskirk whilst I was at uni and so Liverpool was the place to go, in the day and at night. Liverpool still feels very much like home to me and despite moving back up to Lytham, I’ve visited it almost as often as I did whilst I was at uni.

I don’t think I’ve ever caught Liverpool on a really sunny nice day but Saturday was glorious. I planned a day in Liverpool with Charlotte on Saturday, whilst she’s on Easter. She’s been frying her brain with GCSE revision and going into school through Easter. Liverpool always provided me with the best stress relief whilst I was doing assignments and exam revision at uni so I was glad the sun was shining.

In other news, I finally got myself a ‘proper’ job. I’m really excited to be project managing a new project with the NHS and Macmillan. I honestly can’t believe it – it doesn’t feel real. I loved working on my past projects within this sector, so to get this feels so good. Job hunting was so hard but this was very much worth the wait. I was looking to treat myself to something nice in Liverpool but I couldn’t really find anything other than a couple of bits and bobs. Usually the case when I’m looking. But it was such a nice treat. I took Charlotte to Jacaranda records and I was really impressed she chose The Smiths to spin in our booth. We also browsed some record shops (I bought The Charlatans Blackened Blue Eyes single), sunbathed on the Docks and I found some amazing Hannah-friendly falafel bites in Leaf.

It was Grand National Day so I was anticipating it to be pretty busy in Liverpool but it was actually rather quiet for Liverpool. Especially for a sunny day. There were a plenty of fancy ladies queuing for the bus and walking around Bold Street but other than that, it was peaceful.

Anyway, my snaps. These are unedited because I’m an amateur and I’m too busy colouring and completing dot-to-dot cats to fit editing in.

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